Automatically measures temperature, detects if a mask is worn, access control, attendance register.

Smart identification

  • Anti-spoofing Algorithm
    Anti-spoofing detection against 3D models, videos, and pictures.
  • Huge Face Database
    The Ultra-large capacity of facial templates: 20,000.

Temperature measurement & abnormal temp alert

  • The system measures body temperature via infrared radiation, which requires less manpower and prevents cross-infection resulted from queuing and temperature measurement by a human.
  • High precision temperature measuring
    Measuring accuracy:±0.3-0.5℃, distance:<1meters,
  • Real-time temperature measuring
    Measuring duration: <300ms.
  • HD display
    7-inch, 1024 x 600 LCD which shows temp readings.
  • Abnormal Temperature Alert
    Auto-trigger alert when detecting abnormal temperature.
  • Audio & Visual Alert
    Support external audio & visual alert. Trigger alerts when detecting abnormal temperature.


Cloud-based Data Storage

  • Data auto-update
  • Check and delete duplicate entries for easy management and query.
  • Data auto-upload
  • Upload data such as attendance and body temperature readings to the cloud, facilitating fast and efficient management.

Multiple Indoor Application Scenarios

  • The system can be installed at the entrance of a company, factory, apartment complex, supermarket, food market, etc. for fast temperature sensing, facial recognition, attendance management, and more. This can be a great help in member management and health screening. All these data can be a basis for generating customers’ images, which facilitates targeted services.