Never letting you out of my sight!

Make sure that you always know where your family are. Our products are accurate and can be linked to your cellphone for fast tracking.

Wild Child GPS Tracking Watch

There are a number of GPS child-tracking watches available on the market. Jet Track have two tried-and-tested models, making it easier for the consumer to choose one. Both products have exactly the same features – with test results that more than meet with our approval. We offer an unbelievable back-up service plus a one-year factory warranty. As parents ourselves, all Jet Track children use the product, meaning we understand that when you have a problem it should be sorted out with the least effort. Give us a try and experience customer service at its best!

We are the ONLY company in the industry who sets up the watch before you receive it, meaning we register the device on the Phone App and make sure when you receive your product its ready for tracking. All you have to do is insert your own sim card, load some airtime and off you go. Try us, we really do things differently!

Sniper Guard

Small, robust and highly accurate, Jet Track Sniper truly lives up to its name. With its precise tracking capabilities, one can use Sniper for many different applications. Tested and proven within the guarding industry, this device benefits any security company wanting to track and monitor their staff, ensuring effective and exceptional service standards. 

Sniper is ideal for personal security as it offers two-way communication (like a cell phone) with the push of a button.

It can also be used by Community Policing Forums (offered to households) whereby five security companies can be linked to one device. If an emergency arises, all five dedicated companies can instantly be despatched to a scene to avoid lengthy reaction times.

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