Livestock Tracking

Livestock Tracking is a service platform devoted to monitoring and locating livestock. It comprises a long battery life collar and animal behaviour algorithms to improve farm profitability.

Livestock Tracking is an affordable and long-life monitoring and location system for livestock farms. It offers location, monitoring and traceability capabilities, detecting anomalies due to temperature, activity, behaviour and calving. Livestock Tracking increases farm profitability by detecting in calving periods and reducing production costs through a losses cut-off and improving animals’ welfare through constant monitoring.


AlleyCat is proudly a Jet Track-designed product using the finest technology to give you the best possible tracking experience. With AlleyCat GPS you will always know where your pet is.  For the affordable price tag attached to this amazing product, days of worrying where your pet has gone is something of the past! Our back-up service is of the highest standard the industry has to offer and you will have constant guidance from us until you are one hundred percent familiar with the product. Try us, we don’t just talk we put our money where our mouth is!

K9 GPS Trax

JetTrack “K9 GPS TRAX” is a GPS collar worn by your pet. The device weighs 35g and will not put your pet in any discomfort.

The difference between a Microchip Pet Implant and our GPS Unit is that the microchip for pets is used merely for authentication of a lost pet – if you find a lost pet you take it to a vet who can read the personal data of the owner with a specific reading device. A microchip has no gps capabilities, so you can never see where your pet is.  “K9 GPS TRAX” is used for locating and tracking your pet via satellites in real-time, to the meter!

Claws and Paws

This is a waterproof GPS tracking device for those who like to swim. The all-new Claws & Paws for pets is available from JetTrack, uses two sets of satellites (American GPS + Chinese Beidou) to locate your pet instantly and accurately. The chipset utilises AGPS capabilities, which ensures superfast transmission of data between satellites and your phone. It also allows for multiple users to log in to the app at the same time.

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