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GPS/GSM tracking technology

Self-manage, Self-configure, Self-monitor and Self-track any vehicle,
fleet, person or high value asset

Our Solutions..

Jet Track provides self-tracking solutions for all movable assets.

We make it our business to provide solutions to any type of self-tracking requirement.

JET TRACK aims to incorporate the latest GPS/GSM tracking technology to enable you to self-manage, self-configure, self-monitor and self-track any vehicle, fleet, person or high value asset, mainly to increase productivity and efficiency, but also to provide peace of mind and improved security.
Let JET TRACK put YOU in control, minimising your frustrations and expensive price tags. With our proven tracking solutions, your assets can be located from anywhere in the world, by YOURSELF, LIVE in real-time, making it the most convenient tracking choice ever! You are in control, not the tracking company.
Our aim is to provide you with:
• Peace of mind, better quality of life and added security.
• Freedom to track anyone, anything, anytime, anywhere, from any available internet connected device.
• Increased business efficiency, through improved real time information and technology.

We are Jet Track

JET TRACK started out in 2015 as a general tracking company but in recent times has realigned itself to the self-tracking arena, with our head office based in KZN and various distributors located around SA.

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