Tracking and monitoring technology

Self-manage, Self-configure, Self-monitor and Self-track
any person, vehicle, fleet or high value asset.

We make it our business to provide solutions for your tracking, compliance and/or monitoring requirements.

JET TRACK aims to enable you to self-manage, self-configure, self-monitor, and self-track any person, vehicle, fleet, or high-value asset.In these challenging times, we are making a concerted effort to assist in the fight against COVID-19 and synergize with businesses and individuals to minimize its consequences.

Let JET TRACK put YOU in control, minimising your frustrations, non-compliance issues, health risk concerns, and expensive price tags. With our proven tracking and monitoring solutions, your assets can be located from anywhere in the world, by YOURSELF, LIVE in real-time, making it the most convenient tracking and monitoring choice ever! You are in control, not a third party.

Our aim is to provide you with:

  • Increased business efficiency and minimum standard compliance and requirements, through improved real-time information and technology.
  • Safe and healthy environment for your passengers, patrons, workforce, staff, students, elders, and much more.
  • Ability to track, monitor, and manage anyone, anything, anytime, anywhere, from any available internet-connected device.
  •  Tools to ensure a record of data, peace of mind, a better quality of life, and added security.
Even though the tracking industry is already well established, this technology has brought about unique self-management features allowing users to monitor their tracking devices themselves in real-time, from any Internet connected computer, laptop, iPad or smartphone. This provides the user with important “here and now” information, such as temperatures, current location, last and historic movements, extract reports, control alerts in respect of non-compliance with standards, temperature spikes, extra ordinary movement, geo-fencing, battery tampering and much more. What started out as a general tracking company, has now realigned and evolved to become a major player in the self-tracking and monitoring arena. Whether you are protecting and monitoring your assets orpeople, let JET TRACK help you find a workable, reliable solution.
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JET TRACK started as a general tracking company in 2015, but, in recent times, has realigned itself to the self-tracking arena. Our head office is based in KZN and we have various distributorsaround SA and other parts of Africa. Most recently we have undertaken to become part of the solution to aid in the fight against COVID-19 by extending our business vision to include the supply of products to assist self-monitoring and management in the workplace.

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